Friday, January 13, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity

A guest post from Carrie Oakley, from

The following is a TED Talk originally posted in June 2006. Sir Robinson speaks about the innate creativity of human beings, and how the current public education system is inadvertently killing this creativity. He speaks about the false epidemic of ADHD, and he explains that young children enter school already knowing what interests them in life. However, because current public educations systems reward left-brain thinkers, those who think with their right brains are often deprived of the topics and subjects that trigger their creative spirits.

Sir Robinson’s speech reminds us that there are many different forms of intelligence, and that we should encourage our children to become great masters of the subjects that bring them alive. If you like to dance, be a dancer! If you like to learn about rocks, be a geologist! Learn everything you can about the things that interest you, and a great career will follow!

This video spoke to me personally, because I am a right-brained thinker. Although I made good grades in most subjects in school, my creative spirit was not harvested by the curriculum. There are many subjects that I never had the opportunity to learn about, because the class was not offered at my school. I do believe that had my interest in music been seriously encouraged, I would be much happier and working in a field that I am passionate about. Carrie Oakley is editor and writer for Online Universities. She likes to write articles about many topics of interest, including career planning.